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Combat Bands | Full Set

Combat Bands | Full Set

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More efficient resistance training

Resistance training is crucial for increasing the speed and power behind your punches.

Using average old bands keeps you still and disables you from throwing combinations, which limits your progress.  With Combat bands, we found a solution!

Unlock your full potential, more power, speed, and precision.

Combat Resistance Bands are the most convenient way of sharpening your skills, taking the boxing world by storm this resistance set will give you an immediate competitive advantage.

How does it work?

#1 Triceps and Back

When throwing straight punches correctly our triceps get fully extended and we generate power from our back, activation of these muscles with combat resistance bands is far stronger resulting in more power, speed, and a more toned appearance

#2 Biceps and Back

When throwing uppercuts, force is generated from the abs, the back, and the shoulder muscles, and at the very end of the punch at the biceps, with resistance bands all these muscles work harder which results in power and explosiveness


#3 Legs, Butt, and Core

When we are "bobbing" as one of the most essential movements in boxing we are activating our entire lower body which with resistance bands becomes even more effective so that when you take them off you are lightning fast with your movements

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